Congratulations on your decision to join the United States Air Force! Your ASVAB scores have tentatively qualified you for enlistment and all that’s left is to medically cleared by the staff at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) in downtown Houston. This page will give you all of the info you need for the next step in the process. I am SO EXCITED to have you as a member of my team and to help you start this journey into the United States Air Force! Please have patience for this process — the MEPS medical qualification could be an easy (one day) process or could take several weeks, or in some cases, months. Know that I will support you through this and will do anything I can to help you through this process.

Your responsibilities during this time —

  1. Keep in touch! Every Wednesday, please “check in” online via this form.
  2. Ask questions! Do not hesitate to reach out and ask me what’s going on with the process. I keep myself very busy but will always make time for my team!
  3. Come see us! Please join us for our monthly meetings (First Wednesday of every month in my office at 3:45pm) and our weekly workouts. These meetings are designed to help you get ready mentally and physically for Basic Training and will be required once you swear in to the Delayed Entry Program (DEP)
  4. Stay qualified! No new law violations, drug use or changes to dependency! If something changes medically or otherwise, let me know immediately!

Once again, I am super excited to have you on my team! Congratulations!

Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS):
701 San Jacinto, Houston TX 77052, parking is available on the lot next door for $16/day
This is where you do your testing, physical and from where you ship to Basic Military Training.

Holiday Inn Intercontinental: 15222 JFK Boulevard, Houston TX 77032
This is the hotel we use before testing and shipping to BMT.