Security Clearance Application

INSTRUCTIONS: Right click the following link and SAVE the file to your computer. Open as a .pdf file in a program such as Adobe Reader (do NOT use a web browser).

READ THESE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: Failure to follow instructions will result in delays and possibly disqualification. READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS and contact your recruiter with any questions.

General rules to follow: FILL in all information with the requested info or “N/A” if it does not apply. Every blank needs an answer or “N/A”.

The application asks for references throughout the sections. You can NOT use a family member as a reference and you can not use a reference more than one time in the entire application (do not repeat a reference for employment in the residence section).

Make sure you use FULL names (first, middle (if known) and last) and FULL addresses (street, city, state and zip). Every reference must have a phone number.

If you are MARRIED, you will need to provide information for your mother and father in law as well as any children you have. You can supply the info in the email when you send the completed application back to your recruiter (just type in the info in the email)

For sections S11 and S13 you need to account for ALL dates. If you have periods of time between jobs where you didn’t work, you need to fill that time with an unemployment reference for those dates.

You need to go back 10 years or to your 16th birthday, whichever is shorter for all sections.

In S16, you need to provide three NEW references that you haven’t used already. At least one of these needs to be a person you’ve known for at least 7 years.