all about the ASVAB

The test we use to qualify you for jobs in the Air Force is the ASVAB


The test we use to pre-qualify you to schedule your test is the APT


The important part with any type of test (and every conversation with your recruiter) is INTEGRITY. Integrity is how honest and true you are, with others and with yourself. If you are taking an online test or answering your recruiter’s questions – be honest. If you attempt to cheat or lie, it will catch up to you and you will be permanently disqualified from the Air Force.

Our three core values are

Integrity First
Service Before Self
Excellence In All We Do

If you need to do some studying for the ASVAB, here are some tips we’ve learned a long the way.

  1. You can’t just “kind of” study. You need to take this seriously and devote your life to this test. Preparation is key. If you fail the test, you have to wait 30 days before you are eligible to take it again. Use those 30 days to study. Spend a couple of hours each day. You read that right: hour.s.
  2. The absolute, hands down #1 method is working with a good tutor. Use google to search out someone in your area, read reviews and work with them.
  3. If you can’t afford a tutor, buy a study guide. There are many, find the one that looks best to you. Check out amazon, bookstores, libraries, etc — many come with online practice tests. Use those to find your weaknesses and focus on those areas.
  4. Find resources online. Youtube has some good videos.

We’ve seen some people go from passing to very high scores, but it demands a lot of work — if you really want this opportunity you will do whatever it takes! Good luck!