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learning about JOBS!

There are SO MANY resources out there for you to flush out information about every job that is available in the United States Air Force! Before you take any ONE person’s advice on a job, do the research and find out a bunch of different opinions before you make your own mind up about the job. Often, you will not be able to know what a job is like until you are actually doing it. Remember this: every job has people that LOVE it and people that HATE it. Do your own research!

Here are some great places to start: – of course start here.

Reddit – these job descriptions were written by people that are doing the job. They are full of information, not fluff.

Air Force Work Interest Navigator (AF-WIN) – This personal career assessment will match your strengths and interests with potential enlisted career fields in the Air Force.

Know this: Unless you have a degree, licensing or some sort of professional certification in a job, you are coming to us for a new opportunity and amazing benefits. We can not help you if you only want to get a certain type of job. We take your ASVAB scores and your experience to find the best fit for what the Air Force needs at the moment. You will have to make a list of 10 jobs and 2 aptitude areas and be open to getting any one of those opportunities in the United States Air Force. My advice is to get to know as many of the 120+ careers that we offer so that you can be open minded and flexible when it comes time to make your job list. Good luck! #AimHigh