Welcome to the Delayed Entry Program! Now we shift from getting you qualified, to keeping you that way, booking you a career, preparing you for basic training (BMT) and then shipping you off to start your Air Force life. Do NOT let anything stand in the way of your future! In a few months you will be shipping off to Basic Military Training and joining the ranks of the United States Air Force!


“Sir, Trainee (your last name) reports as ordered” — This is your REPORTING statement and will be used throughout the DEP to prepare you for Basic Training. This statement is the first thing you say to a military member in any conversation from now until you ship. Anytime you address anyone in uniform, start with this sentence. Get used to it and practice it!

Your choice to join the world’s finest organization was the first step in a lifetime of challenges and opportunities. Whether you make the AF a career or take your skill and experience into the civilian sector after your first enlistment, you have proven yourself to be one of the elite by qualifying and becoming a member of our great team. My responsibilities to you and your responsibilities as an “airman” are covered below.

From this point forward, please keep in constant communication with me. I need to know about every trip you have planned (outside of Houston) and need you to “check in” every Wednesday as described below. If I text or call you, I need you to respond immediately as it is often directly related to your enlistment.


To maintain strict entry level standards for your program and sustain your eligibility for the Air Force.


ALL CALLS are meetings, not phone calls! Due to COVID, we do them online via the ZOOM app. Once things get better, we will start to meet in persona again. You must attend ALL Calls monthly as well as important functions as directed by your supervisor (me).

We will have one ALL Call every month AND any volunteer opportunities as well. If you are unable to volunteer with us, you are expected to volunteer independently.


Workouts will be posted in the Groupme App that we use for communication – please follow the events and come workout with us! Due to COVID you must work out on your own to make sure you are ready for Basic Training. If you need help or ideas, please let me know!

To immediately notify your Air Force Supervisor of any changes to your basic enlistment eligibility status, i.e. injuries, traffic tickets, marital status, dependents, education status, etc. I do NOT recommend getting any tattoos before Basic Military Training!


Check in every Wednesday – accomplish BEFORE 1700 (5pm)!


To replace yourself in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) prior to entering active duty. You must refer people to recruiter in order to come back and participate in the Recruiter Assistance Program (RAP). You can do this by 1) bring me leads (friends/family members) 2) help me distribute literature in your area, 3) help me plan lead generating activities. 4) BRING ME YOUR IDEAS!


I understand if I am within 8 lbs of my Air Force maximum weight standard I must have my weight checked weekly by my recruiter. I must lose one pound a week until I am 10lbs under my maximum weight.


Finally we use THREE mobile phone apps: USAF Delayed Entry Program, GroupMe (setup account and make sure you add your phone # to your account!) and the AIM HIGH app. Make an account and let your recruiter know when complete so you can be connected to him or her in it. Download and install them now!


Typically contracts are booked monthly during a job draft done by our Squadron. Recruits joining in most of east and south Texas and the western half of Louisiana are all trying to get jobs off the same list. There are well over 100 people waiting at any given time and each recruiter has a priority for picking jobs (similar to fantasy football drafts) which rotates each month. Some jobs always go early such as administration and medical jobs. All in those categories can be taken before your recruiters first pick. If all the jobs you list are taken when it’s time to book one for you, then you may not get a job that month. Higher level units in our chain of command can also book you a job automatically based on what you list and your availability list, make sure you are ok with every single job you list. Once booked, you cannot change it and refusing a contract will result in your immediate DEP discharge and you will not be allowed to join again. Talk to your recruiter for more info.


When you are within 30 days of leaving you will be conducting Entering Active Duty (EAD) briefings at or around your 30, 15, and 7 day marks before shipping out. You will complete a short checklist, complete your ship day documents, get your weight checked and make sure you are good to go.


You will depart your recruiters office the day prior to you starting basic training. You will spend a night in the hotel again, get up early and return to MEPS for a quick inspection to make sure there are no changes. If you clear the medical check you will go to the Air Force liaisons office to sign your official contract and then go swear in to active duty. You will then be sent to the airport to fly out on a commercial airline to San Antonio. Best of luck!