The chart shown covers the minimum and maximum weight based on your height. If you are under weight, let your recruiter know as you may still qualify with Body Fat Measurement (BFM). If you are over max weight but are in good shape (common with weight lifters) let us know. For everyone else, your target weight is 10 pounds under max weight. We are not authorized to send anyone to MEPS who is within 5 pounds of max weight. The 10 pound under rule is based on experience and designed to maximize your ability to join. Also, you will be measured with your shoes off.


The Air Force now allows individuals to join even with past marijuana use. We no longer have a maximum use limit. However there are still some things to be aware of. First, if you have ever failed a drug test at MEPS, that is a permanent disqualification regardless of the branch you took it for. Second, you can’t go to MEPS if you have used it in the past 60 days. If you lie to us in order to speed things up and then fail your drug test at MEPS, you will be permanently disqualified. Just wait the 45 days. The test we give is more accurate than your at home test so don’t rely on that. Past use will prevent you from doing a small number of jobs


Technically speaking, if you have any open law violation including a speeding ticket, you are currently disqualified. Minor traffic tickets can be resolved quickly and easily so still start the process by completing a questionnaire but also work on getting it closed out at the same time. Major law issues, like a DUI or Possession of Marijuana/Drug Paraphernalia must be resolved before starting. Inform your recruiter about your law violations up front (it’s part of our questionnaire) so we can let you know the way forward and if it’s an issue or not.


The Air Force can enlist people ages 17-39. You can start at 17 if you are at least a high school junior (ask about the Softbook Program!) or any grade after. We can take high school graduates, GED (requires a higher ASVAB score), and those in college or with degrees. If you have enough college credit you may qualify for extra rank starting out. Officer applications must go through www.airforce.com.


You cannot have tattoos on your head, neck, or hands. For your chest, there can’t be a visible tattoo if you wore an open collar shirt. For your hands, the only exception is a small tattoo on your ring finger, no more than 3/4″ wide. There are no waivers authorized for tattoos on these areas that don’t meet the guidelines I’ve listed here.


Single parents will require a waiver to join and are going to need to have someone able to care for their kid(s) while away for basic training and tech school. Married individuals with more than 1 child will also need a dependency determination. For females, you cannot join until 6 months after you’ve given birth or a voluntary interruption of pregnancy. You are not required to give up custody in order to join and should contact us before you attempt to do so.