Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get an appointment?
A: Follow the instructions on this website to get your appointment. There are several steps that need to be completed before a recruiter can meet with you in person. Appointments are only offered to qualified applicants that are ready to join the Air Force immediately. If you are not ready to join, or just have some questions, we will schedule a telephone call to determine your plan for joining the Air Force.

Q: What are some common disqualifiers?
A: Law violations, some medical conditions, being at or above the maximum allowable weight, citizenship, failing ASVAB score, and drug use are just a few of the common disqualifiers. After you fill out the online form, your recruiter will discuss your situation with you.

Q: What about waivers?
A: Waivers are rare, and never should be assumed. Some medical and law issues are non-waiverable. If you are disqualified for a medical reason by the Surgeon General, it is non-waiverable. If you are disqualified and require a waiver to become eligible, your recruiter will need to help all of the qualified individuals before he/she can allow time to consider your waiver.

Q: What about drug use?
A: If you’ve recently smoked marijuana, you will need to wait 60 days before you can process into the Air Force. You will be drug tested at MEPS and if you have any trace of drugs in your system when you process, you will be permanently disqualified.

Q: What job will I get?
A: Your job will be determined by your ASVAB score and the results of your physical examination. You will be matched to a job based on the needs of the Air Force. We have over 150 jobs in the Air Force, but we are not hiring for all of the jobs at all times and you will not qualify for all jobs. Your recruiter will help you create a list of jobs and aptitude areas from which you will be matched by the Air Force. If you are unable to list 10 jobs and 2 aptitude areas, serving in the US Air Force may not be the best fit for you at this time.

Q: Can I wait for a job that I really, really want?
A: No, every month the Air Force matches qualified individuals to the jobs that we have available at that moment. If a job on your list is available, you will be matched to it and you will keep that job until you ship out to BMT. If you refuse a job, you are also permanently refusing entry in to the United States Air Force (and there is no waiver for reconsideration). So, make sure the list of jobs you create with your recruiter is full of jobs that you are excited to do!

If you would like to ask your recruiter some questions, please contact him here.