How to get an appointment with a USAF recruiter!

You’ve done your research and now you are ready to take that big step: meeting a recruiter. If you would like to talk with a recruiter about your situation or to learn about options, you have to follow all of the steps to get time for a phone call or meeting. By following all of the steps and providing all of your general information, it will help the recruiter prioritize his time and offer the most assistance to you by getting your information up front.

Whether you are ready to go or just want more information, we are here to help you. Please understand that our appointment times are reserved for those that are 100% ready to sign up and head to Basic Military Training. If that’s you, then feel free to take the steps to MEET A RECRUITER now.

If you are not quite ready to join, and just want some information, feel free to check out our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section where you can CONTACT A RECRUITER and ask your own questions.