jobs we’ve booked in Houston!

I’ve been recruiting since May 2018, and in that time, these are the jobs my recruits were matched to.

1C131 – Air Traffic Control (x4)
1C331 – Command Post
1C631 – Flight Attendant
1C731 – Aerial Gunner
1C833 – Radar, Airfield & Weather
1N031 – Operations Intelligence (x2)
1N131 – Geospatial Intelligence
1N331 – Cryptologic Linguist (x2)
1N431 – Fusion Analyst (x2)
1P031 – Aircrew Flight Equipment
1U031 – Unmanned Aerospace System Sensor Operator
2A333 – Tactical Aircraft Maintenance (x3)
2A334 – Fighter Aircraft Integrated AV
2A531 – Airlift/Special Mission Aircraft Maintenance
2A634 – Aircraft Fuel Systems (x2)
2A636 – Aircraft Electrical & Environmental System
2A731 – Aircraft Metals Technology
2A831 – Mobility AF Integrated Comm/Nav/Msn Sys
2F031 – Fuels (x2)
2P031 – Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory
2S031 – Materiel Management (x2)
2W031 – Munitions Systems (x2)
2W131 – Aircraft Armament Systems (x2)
3D032 – Cyber Systems Operations (x6)
3D033 – Cyber Surety
3D131 – Client Systems
3D132 – Transport Systems (x2)
3D133 – RF Transmission Systems (x4)
3F531 – Administration (x3)
3M031 – Services
3N032 – Broadcast Journalist
3P031 – Security Forces (x12)
4N031 – Aerospace Medical Services (x4)
4Y031 – Dental Laboratory
6F031 – Financial Management Comptroller
8G000 – Honor Guard
9T500 – Special Warfare
9TA45 – Admin Aptitude Area (x3)
9TE67 – Electrical Aptitude Area (x2)
9TG43 – General Aptitude Area (x4)
9TM44 – Mechanical Aptitude Area (x6)