Air & Space Force Jobs

Q: I scored a 55 on my ASVAB, can you tell me what job I can get?

In the Air Force, our jobs are referred to as AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code). It’s a 5 digit code for each career field that we offer.

In order to find out what you qualify for, you have to complete a few steps first:

  • ASVAB TEST. After you test, you’ll have an AFQT (Armed Forces Qualifying Test) score – this is your OVERALL score and isn’t really used in career matching.
    • What you will get are four line scores in the categories of M (Mechanical), A (Administration), G (General) and E (Electrical). These line scores qualify you for different jobs.
  • PHYSICAL. You’ll also be given a wide range of medical exams to further qualify you. These medical exams are graded using what is called the PULHES Factor:
    • P – Physical capacity/stamina
    • U – Upper body
    • L – Lower body
    • H – Hearing
    • E – Eyes
    • S – Stability/psychiatric
      • All jobs have specific standards and upon entering the military the recruit will also be given a numerical grade of 1, 2, 3, or 4 for each element of the PULHES acronym system.
  • Finally, once these are all completed, the Air Force will take everything under consideration to generate a list of what jobs you qualify for.
    • citizenship, law violations, drug use, how strong you are, if you have a driver’s license, and education background are just a few of the things we evaluate when qualifying you

There are so many factors at play that a recruiter can not tell you what jobs you will qualify for unless you go through the entire process, which can easily take a month or more. You can research jobs at to get to know our different career fields, or if you’ve already taken the ASVAB and have your line scores, you can use the AFSC List Building Tool to see what you qualify for based on your scores – just remember, that list will change!

After you’ve finished medical processing at MEPS and you join the Delayed Entry Program, your recruiter will be able to provide a list of jobs that you qualify for!