Joining the United States Air Force means making a commitment to signing a contract of at least 4 years.  You’ll be matched to a job based on eligibility factors and the results of your ASVAB and physical exams.  You will be matched, based on the needs of the Air Force, both in career and duty location.   

WHAT THIS MEANS: You do not get to “pick” your job in the Air Force. After you complete the ASVAB and medical exams you will be provided a list of jobs that you qualify for. You are required to select at least 10 jobs under the guidance of your recruiter and the Air Force will assign you a job from that list.

Before you continue, please ensure the following:

  • You are between 17 and 39 years old
  • You live in North Houston, TX
  • You have the REQUIRED DOCUMENTS (ID or DL, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, HS Diploma or Official College Transcripts)
  • If you are a HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR OR SENIOR, you must attend a school in TOMBALL, KLEIN, SPRING, OR ALDINE for us to be able to help you!
  • If you are not a US Citizen, you have a green card with more than 2 years before expiration
  • You have taken the ASVAB (or confirmed PICAT) within 2 years or are READY NOW to take the ASVAB
  • You do not have any OPEN LAW VIOLATIONS (court date pending) or bills with COLLECTION AGENCIES or PAST DUE (settle these before trying to join)
  • PRIOR SERVICE? If you want to keep the same job you had, we can see if you qualify for DIRECT DUTY. We might have an opportunity if your job transfers over to the Air Force and is a current need. We do not have any ACTIVE DUTY retraining job opportunities for prior service members at this time. Please contact the National Guard and Reserves to learn about their opportunities for prior service retraining.

If you have any questions about the requirements above, if you are missing documents, or to see if you might qualify for an exception due to location, past law violations or legal concerns, or prior service, please send your recruiter a text message to discuss your situation individually. Please do not leave this page without updating your recruiter on your situation. Your recruiter is tracking your progress and needs to know what your next steps will be.