Before you go, please send your recruiter a courtesy text to let him know that you are exploring other options.

Please use theses links to get in touch with the appropriate organization.

USAF OFFICER OPPORTUNITIES – FULL TIME, ACTIVE DUTY – If you have a college degree with a strong GPA in one of our in-demand fields, you could qualify to join as an officer.

CONTINUING EDUCATION – AIR FORCE ACADEMY and AF ROTC – If you want to continue your education and serve your country as an officer upon graduation, one of these options may work well for you.

AIR FORCE NATIONAL GUARD and RESERVES – These options give you the opportunity to serve your country and your community on a part time basis. You can thrive in your home life and civilian career while still serving your country and earning meaningful benefits. (one weekend per month and 14 days of annual training)

AIR FORCE CIVILIAN SERVICE – FULL TIME – Working in over 600 occupations and professions, we are the backbone of the Air Force, sustaining its aircraft, its facilities, its infrastructure, its systems. And all 300,000 active duty Airmen.