Preparing for your Initial Appointment

CONGRATULATIONS on landing an interview with the US Air Force! Our interview spots are very limited and highly competitive, and the Air Force is looking to hire only the best applicants, so take this opportunity seriously! I realize that you may or may not have completed a competitive interview in your past, so I have provided these helpful instructions and tips for you to carefully follow to help with your interview process.

Please understand that in order for me to complete your interview, compliance with these instructions is MANDATORY!

Dress appropriately for your interview! You are seeking employment from a highly professional military organization which prides itself on professional image. A full business suit is not required but you should dress well enough to ensure a strong first impression.

As applicable please have the following ORIGINAL documents with you (as applicable):
✔️ High school transcripts
✔️ High school diploma
✔️ College transcripts
✔️ Certifications/Licenses
✔️ State issued ID/Driver’s License
✔️Birth Certificate or US Passport
✔️ Social Security Card

Bring your U.S. passport if you have one.

Before your interview, it’s important that you fill out and return this job application.

You can download the job application here

Finally, interviews require a RESUME and this one is no different. Your resume will better help me determine your qualifications, talents and interests.

BE PUNCTUAL! Remember, this interview is to determine your suitability for service in the Air Force, and also helps decide if you meet our hiring needs at this time. Our positions are high sought after, so every bit of your first impression counts. DO NOT HESITATE to call or text me with any questions you may have. Thank you!