Thank you for your interest in the United States Space Force!

The United States Space Force is the newest branch of the military. Eventually, there will be a separate recruiting process for the Space Force but for now, the US Air Force has been directed to recruit the best and brightest for the US Space Force. According to https://www.airforce.com/spaceforce these are the enlisted jobs available for the US Space Force! Most jobs do not leave until Spring of 2021.

If you are interested in any of these jobs in the US Space Force please talk to your recruiter BEFORE you start the process. There are different procedures in place for joining each branch and at this time we do NOT advise those that are interested in the Space Force to enter the Air Force with hopes to transfer over.

There are Airmen right now that are being moved from Air Force to Space Force but we are also enlisting brand new members of the Space Force. Things are changing very fast, so please talk to your recruiter about your goals and make sure you understand the process and what is expected of you!

These are the Air Force ENLISTED jobs that are also available in the Space Force:

ASVAB test requirement: (M)echanical, (A)dministration, (G)eneral, (E)lectrical


1C631 – Space Systems Operations
requires E-70, college algebra, color vision, vision corrected 20/20-20/30 and interview

1N231 – Signals Intelligence Analyst
requires A-72 – CT 67

1N431 – Fusion Analyst
requires G-62 CT-57, interview and qualifying TAPAS

1N831 – Targeting Analyst
requires G-66, depth perception and interview

3D031 – Knowledge Operations Management
requires A-64

3D032 – Cyber Systems Operations
requires G-64 or G-54 and CT-54 and interview

3D033 – Cyber Surety
requires G-64 or G-54 and CT-60 and interview

3D034 – Computer Systems Programming
requires G64 or G54 AND CT60, EDPT 71+, Interview

3D131 – Client Systems
requires E-60 or E-55 and CT 60 and color vision

3D132 – Cyber Transport Systems
E-70 or E-60 and CT-60, interview and color vision

3D133 – RF Transmission Systems
requires E-70 and color vision

3D137 – Cable and Antenna Systems
M-55 or E-55, color vision and depth perception

For more information, contact your local Air Force Recruiter

updated 7 Sept 2020