Happy Wednesday #TEAMGARZA! I hope everyone is doing exceptionally well!

WORKOUT #2, also posted in the GroupMe app

TATTOOS: Don’t do it! If you get a new tattoo after you get into the DEP you risk disqualification. Ain’t worth it. Get that done after you finish BMT and TECH SCHOOL.

COMMUNICATION! participate and communicate (remain active) in the Groupme chat. Respond to all emails, text messages, and group chats immediately or as soon as possible. If I am reaching out to you it’s not because I miss you, it’s because I NEED something from you for the Air Force. Many times it is time sensitive!

WORK OUT! Follow the workout of the week and try to get your BEST time!

SET GOALS! Whether personal, physical or otherwise, make sure you are setting goals for yourself and then holding yourself to them. That’s how we get better! It can be a daily or weekly goal, but make sure you have a plan!


You can not have any open wounds when you ship out. Nothing even as small as a papercut! If something happens, I need to know immediately! They are extremely strict about this, if you show up to MEPS to ship and they disqualify you for an open wound or other medical condition (or weight) that I did not know about, you will be permanently disqualified for failure to notify your recruiter. The problem is now it’s the last minute and the Air Force has to find a last minute replacement for you. If you notify me in advance, we can delay your shipping if necessary (I know it sucks) but at least you’ll still have a job. The point is so that your wound doesn’t get worse at Basic Training. So: cuts, scrapes, blisters, burns, twisted ankles, pulled muscles, warts, ANYTHING – I need to know! NO SURPRISES!

PERPETUATION: is replacing yourself in the DEP. Bring friends and family to ALL CALL formations and PT sessions so they can see what we do and learn about the Air Force. Tell your friends about the Air Force! Share all the goodness that you are about to get for yourself!! Bring QUALIFIED individuals. 17-39, within weight standards, and no law violations or major medical conditions. You can ALWAYS bring me names and phone numbers.