Workout of the Week #1

For this week’s workout, we alternate between the body strength workout below and the cardio workout at the bottom. Keep track of your times every time you do the strength workout and let’s see who can get the best time. REST when you need it. do a short warmup before the run, stretch and then get your run in, followed by a post run stretch. You can google run stretches and look up any of the moves below if you are unsure what to do. Or just reach out to me!

Strength: 4×4 Body Weight Boot Camp

30 high knees/ea leg
20 pushups
20 jump squats
20 crunches
do this 4x

20 mountain climbers/ea leg
30 jumping jacks
20 burpees
20 leg raises
do this 4x

20 power lunges/ea leg
20 moving planks
30 lateral hops
20 toe touches
do this 4x

30 butt kicks/ea leg
20 plank jacks
walking lunges
20 bicycles
do this 4x

Cardio: 1/4 mile easy, 1/4 mile fast, repeat 6 times